Long Haul Packing Advice

Packing for any trip is one hell of a job. Some people just push heaps of things into their suitcase and hope that it fits, others pack things neatly and allow themselves just enough room for what they buy and others just plan to buy clothes wherever you are going. No matter what kind of packer you are, you need to make sure you have done your research into the local climate to choose the most suitable clothing for your journies. There is no point packing tropical climate clothes and entering into a winter climate and freezing to death Stay ahead of localized weather reports and seasonal climate reports to get a good sense of what you will need.

While you should leave some room for extra clothes you might pick up, it is always worth while being somewhat prepared in case no shops carry suitable clothes for the climate. You do not want to be carrying so much luggage with you at all times and clothes attribute for a lot of room in your suitcase or backpack. In Thailand for example, you can pick up tshirts and trousers for a few pounds, or even less if you shop around.

A strong pair of shorts is a must have for traveling.

The essentials are things that you must take, socks, underwear, boots etc because you just dont know what situations you may get into without these kinds of clothes. But then there are things like jackets, which you can get cheaper abroad than when at home. These are the things that you should look at buying, rather than carry around with you to save on backpulk bulk and also weight.

The idea behind traveling is that you fit in to the area that you are traveling through with minimal effort. If you are going to a tropical climate, go with loose and breezy clothing and swimwear if you are going to the beach. If you are going to somewhere where the weather is often temperamental, make sure that you pack a small amount of both items to be fully covered. So you will want to take a few jumpers, a good pair of shorts and a normal t-shirts are needed at the bare minimum, along with long sleeve tees for colder evenings or while you are walking.

There are a lot of things that you should not take if you are going on a long trip, you dont want to be hauling it around with you all the time! With that being said, you also want to avoid taking bulk and heavy luggage, so jeans and other things that can weigh a lot when wet should be out of the question.

So be smart about what you are packing! Watch what you buy and make sure you leave just that little bit of empty space in your suitcase for whatever you buy!