The Best Events to See While in the USA

The month of August is a great time to visit the US, with a multitude of events and activities ensuring that there’s something to suit visitors of all ages and tastes.

With many locals looking to get away from the big cities at this time of year, it can often feel like the entire country is in holiday mode, ensuring that there’s often a relaxed, inviting atmosphere. Whether you are interested in cars, rodeo, fairs, or other unique American events, you certainly wont be disappointed.

The Payson Rodeo

If your view of America has been influenced by novels and movies set in the American West, then the lure of a rodeo may simply be too much for you to resist. The famous rodeo in Payson, Arizona, was first established back in 1884.

Its regarded as the worlds oldest rodeo and features a range of activities, including bull riding. Theres also usually a fantastic accompaniment of traditional music and local food.

The Payson Rodeo takes place in the middle of August each year.

The US Open of Surfing

One of the worlds most significant surfing competitions takes place annually in Huntington, California. The music of The Beach Boys makes it clear that California is at the heart of the surfing world and the first week of August sees surfers gathering from all over the planet.

Professionals compete throughout the week and the event provides a great opportunity to enjoy the spectacle, watching leading surfers demonstrate their skills and bravery.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Held in the town of Sturgis, North Dakota, the famous Motorcycle Rally brings together motorcycle enthusiasts in a unique setting. When the rally was originally established, it was primarily viewed as offering a showcase for stunts and tricks.

These days, its a gathering point for bikers from all over the United States, with many riding along the Black Hills Run on their way to the event.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally usually takes place during the first week of August. Many visitors choose to stay in motor homes at the event site.

State Fairs

A number of State Fairs take place during August too, with many people suggesting that Iowa hosts the best fair in the entire country.

With more than a million visitors heading to the Iowa State Fair every year, you may well be wondering what attracts them. The event lasts for 11 days, bringing visitors a real taste of Iowa.

Within its Des Moines setting, visitors are treated to a huge livestock show, countless stalls selling food and a double Ferris wheel. In addition, local companies display a range of new products and innovations on a site that covers more than 450 acres in total.

Other fairs hosted during August occur in New York, Minnesota and West Virginia.

A ride at the Kentucky state fair

If you’re planning on investigating your car rental US options, then it may even be realistic for you to visit multiple locations. You can then judge for yourself when it comes to finding out which State Fair has the most to offer.

Restaurant Weeks

Many cities host a Restaurant Week at some point during the month of August, with special offers from leading restaurants. These events provide the perfect opportunity to reveal what a city has to offer, meaning that they can also tantalize visitors.

August sees Restaurant Weeks being hosted in Boston, Indianapolis, New York City and Seattle. In all cases, its recommended that you should make reservations in advance. As might be expected, the best restaurants do tend to get booked up some weeks before the event.


The baseball season is at its peak during the month of August, with many cities hosting their own team. Although you may not yet be familiar with the rules of the game, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the experience of watching leading teams in action.

Tickets can be bought online, with games taking place at regular intervals. Those who prefer American Football may be able to take the opportunity to watch pre-season games at this time of year, with a number of the franchises usually in action.

August is a great time of year to visit the United States. With numerous special events to choose from, you can ensure that your visit will be truly memorable.