Tips for Staying Safe While Solo Traveling

The world can be somewhat scary when you are traveling alone and when you don’t know the culture. You might have problems learning the language or not knowing what is proper manners in a country and that could get you into some difficulties. While these are some minor problems, there are also things such as having to get around a country with many people that you don’t know or who cant speak your language. Your paranoia and ignorance could get you in some difficult situations when you are traveling alone. Many countries have strict rules and some even have curfews, so its always good to know some keeping safe tips.

Stick to safe areas or follow local advice

Make sure that you check out where you are going first and if you are really that paranoid you can even check out the crime rates. Check out when there are the most people about and if you can, make sure you arrive in a new place during the day time. If you are going to a bar, try to get to know the bartender before you settle in and become unable to find out where you are going.

Make friends with the bartenders (they might set you up wth a taxi if you cant walk, instead of setting you up to be mugged.) Make friends with any good local that you can, as they will be the most helpful way you can make your way around the new place and go to them when you have anything specific in that area. This reduces the chance that people will hassle you if you look to be traveling with someone else.

There is no use worrying about things, so make sure that you take precautions in case the worst happens. There is a common rumour of pick pockets in a lot of countries, so the suggestion is that you keep a spare stash of cash in your suitcase when you arrive, just to make sure. This allows you to not worry about things if you are walking down a busy street and your wallet or purse gets lifted. Also make sure that if you are not using any of the cards, that you don’t carry them around with you.

Follow localised customs to avoid standing out

When you visit a country, they of course have their own culture, so dont go completely against those traditions by acting like the common tourist, try and blend in! Make sure that you don’t look like you are easy prey and look like one of the locals. In some cultures (Korea, Thailand etc) it is incredibly rude to show your feet, so don’t sit there with your feet up at the local bar. Generally locals understand that you may not know all the traditions, but always read up in your guidebook if you have a chance.

Keep in touch with people

Also, it is a good idea that you constantly check in at home and tell your family and friends what you are up too so that they can check in if they haven’t heard from you in a couple of days. Dont just disappear! Either that or let your fellow travelers be aware of your whereabouts so they can tell if something has gone awry.

With all these things to be considered, traveling alone can be a great thing to do. You get to do what you want to do and you get to meet a lot of the locals and potentially learn a new language. There are some things you need to be aware of, so make sure you stay safe and avoid any potentially dangerous situations! The best advice is simple: Be smart and you will get along just fine.