Setting Up for a Successful Interrail Trip

The Inter Rail can be something new for students both from Europe and some that have finished school out of Europe. Throughout the Inter Rail, you will be visiting many different countries and will be spending a lot of time on the Inter Rail and if you buy the Global Pass, you will be visiting 30 different countries and well, if you want to be doing that, you will need to know what to, and what not to do as you travel around Europe.

1). Don’t take too much clothing!

This is probably the most important thing to worry about when you are going on an inter-railing trip and you will spend a lot of time carrying and maneuvering around with your luggage. The thing is, you will need to take a few basics and make sure that you take the things that are important and not take as many clothes as you might want to. You never know when things such as a Padlock, a First-Aid kit and a Spare Credit Card might come in handy, just in case you have one of those moments where you need something that you thought you would never use. When you look at things in perspective, these three things alone could save a lot of hassle for you during your trip. Make sure you prioritize with what you take in your luggage and don’t take thousands of clothes. Don’t take so many clothes that you have no room for gifts and souvenirs. Oh and taking some playing cards might be a good way to maximize on that down time.

2). Pack things that are comfortable!

This coincides with the last tip, make sure that everything that you take is comfortable for you to wear. Do all you can (unless you go in Winter) to avoid taking heavy clothing and definitely avoid taking formal clothing. With that being said, make sure you take things that are breezy and easy to clean and just make sure you don’t take to much of it! Everything can be considered important.

3). Overbudget!

If you can help it, budget before you go and add in things that you know will cost a certain amount and make it that amount. You can then over-budget in the area of food, nutrition and if you can help it, make sure that you take that money with you! Make sure that you have the money to be able to pay for everything and pay for anything that you allow to have. With that being said, you want to allow yourself to go over your budget which means you might be able to spend a little extra here and there when everything has been decided.

4). Use public transport or even rent a bike!

There is no better way to get around a town then to ride on a bike and get to stop and see things at your leisure without seeing things while being rushed by other incoming traffic. Public transport also allows for cheaper transport and there is no reason for you to have to rent a car in every place that you go. Riding a bike in a foreign place could be one of the best experiences that you could have in your student years, and hell, this could save a fair bit of money on your budget! Plus, bikes are very fun.

5). Talk to the locals!

This can cover two topics, make sure you know some of the basic language of the places that you are going, just your please and thank yous. With that being said, if you are staying in a Hostel, ask the staff where a good place would be to go. It is simple as that, see if the locals know anywhere fun that you could go.

Travel with your friends and have fun! Make sure that you enjoy your Inter-Rail Trip!