Finding the best Backpack for Traveling

Finding the right back pack to accommodate the needs of the traveler is essential in making sure a trip goes well. Not only will the pack ensure comfort and correct posture while walking, it will also keep your possessions in good shape on your travels. There are a few tips to make sure the right backpack is acquired.

The most important thing to remember is not to buy backpacks on the internet. The only real way to ensure a backpack is suitable for what’s needed is to test it out first. This means going along to a shop and trying on different packs to see which is the most suitable for the situation you will be using it in.

Size of the backpack

Many people are tempted to go for the biggest backpack they can find so that they can definitely fit all that they “need” in there. Unfortunately, this can often lead to people packing things that are unnecessary for the trip, burdening them with a heavy bag when there is no need. A good idea is to try and work out what will go in the bag beforehand. That way a rough estimate can be made as to how big the bag will need to be.


Backpacks have evolved over the years and now there are many that seem to be all singing, all dancing and are accompanied by a hefty price tag. Realistically, cheaper backpacks often mean poorer quality, but there is no need to spend extra money on an expensive backpack that doesn’t really offer value for money. The best plan is to go with something in between. Features which should be looked for are:

  • Water proof – The backpack itself does not have to be made fully waterproof (expensive again) but a semi waterproof bag with a rain cover is ideal. That way small splashes or spattering’s of rain will not matter and there will be time to put the rain cover on before any serious damage can be done.
  • Adjustable straps – Bags with adjustable straps will fit people of all frames and make for a much comfier and more pleasant trip.
  • Internal straps – These straps hold belongings in place and compress clothes to take some of the bulk out of them allowing for more room.
  • Side zips – With zips going right around the backpack, it can be opened up completely to make it easier to find things in an emergency, rather than staring into a dark bag from the top and digging around with one arm up to the elbow.


Comfort is of the utmost importance when it comes to backpack shopping. Backpacks with extra support straps for the chest and waist are great for sharing the load with the back and shoulders. It is critical to find a correct fit against your back so you will be distributing a heavy pack weight equally across your lower back speak to a shop assistant who will be able to show you the best bag for your needs.

Every little helps on a long trip round the world!