Theme Parks Around the World

Adrenaline junkies are always looking for their next big thrill. If you want to scream your way through the day with your heart ready to burst through your chest there’s nearly always a new attraction to visit at one of the worlds great theme parks. And for the calmer family members there are also plenty of activities to participate in whilst others are whirled around at great speed, twisting and turning, plummeting and spiraling. Here are the worlds top theme parks and their latest and greatest attractions.

1. Thorpe Park , England

Thorpe Park is one of Britain’s favorite destinations for excitement. Some of the most exciting white-knuckle rides make their home here. Lately, Thorpe Park unveiled the UKs first winged roller coaster. Look out for the Swarm and be a part of this historical ride.

Thorpe Park

2. Chessington World of Adventures & Zoo, England

Moving away from the scream-inducing roller coasters of Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures & Zoo offers something for all the family. The zoo with exotic animals from all over the world is something people of all ages will just love and the Madagascar Live! stage show is the latest attraction offering delight and wonder. The World of Adventures is ten lands offering themed rides and activities areas include the Land of the Dragons, Mexicana, Transylvania and Forbidden Kingdom.

3. Magic Kingdom, Florida

You might know the Magic Kingdom by its more popular name of the Walt Disney World Resort. It needs no explanation. 50 million people experience the wonder and the magic of the world of Disneys imagination. Iconic characters make their appearance, there are attractions and rides for every age and parades with fabulous firework displays. Its the worlds most popular theme park and theres everything you could ever want here.

4. Luna Park, Melbourne

During your trip down under, visit Luna Park where you can experience a piece of theme park history. Its over a hundred years old and plays host to the Scenic Railway, which is still in operation and acted as the forerunner to the modern roller coasters of today. Theres also a whole load of the most up-to-date style rides from carousels to thrilling coasters.

Luna Park, Sydney.

5. Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

What little boy (or even grown up boy) doesn’t love Ferrari? Make every would-be racing drivers dream come true with a visit to Yas Island and Ferrari World. It covers 30,080 acres with four separate theme parks and two water parks. Physical fitness centers and five golf courses offer something for the adults, and the enjoyable water slides can entertain children for hours. There’s also the Formula Rossa, which has the honor of being the fastest rollercoaster in the world.

6. Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

$6.5 billion Singapore dollars went into the building of Resorts World. It includes two gigantic casinos, the Universal Studios theme park, and plenty of roller coasters and rides. The Marine Life Park is also the worlds largest oceanarium with hundreds of the seas rarest creatures on view.

7. Pacific Park, Los Angeles

Go back in time to the classic boardwalk era with a visit to Pacific Park. What it gives up in terms of investment it claims in terms of history and atmosphere. With a huge carnival wheel at the end of the pier you can look out over the golden beaches of Los Angeles and spot the towering skyscrapers on the horizon, whilst also looking out into the panoramic Pacific Ocean.