Four Amazing London Parks

London is one of the world’s most fabulous cities, home to over 7.5 million people and visited by some 30 million tourists each year. Among the city’s skyscrapers and multiple tourist attractions, London is a city full of vast green spaces, gardens and parks; Central London in particular is home to many of Britain’s best parks.

From the well-known to the obscure, London’s parks offer something for all the family to enjoy – regardless of the season. If you’re visiting the capital of England or even if you live in the ‘Big Smoke’, the following four parks are those most worthy of your attention.

1) Hyde Park

Probably London’s most famous park, Hyde Park is also one of the best loved, offering an almost endless list of things to enjoy. Merging with Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park covers 625 acres of Central London. The park is filled with over 4,000 trees, countless designated skating, cycling and skateboarding paths, a meadow, rose gardens and the famous Serpentine Lake.

Hyde Park is also home to the hugely popular Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain and the active Speaker’s Corner. Millions of people visit the park each year and take in the various memorials, including: The 7 July Memorial and the Holocaust Memorial. Hyde Park is also plays regular host to a range of concerts and events.

2) Richmond Park

At 2,360 acres, Richmond Park is the largest of London’s Royal Parks and is famous for its 650 red deer which roam the parks grounds freely. The Isabella Plantation are fabulous woodland gardens that is a stunning sight in spring and summer, and the views of Central London and further afield from King Henry VIIIs Mound are so staggeringly beautiful that they are protected by an act of Parliament!

Peaceful respite is offered to visitors who can simply enjoy the ancient trees, plants and wildlife, with those preferring to be slightly more activity able to partake in a round of golf at one of the two courses or take a cycle ride along the designated pathways.

3) Green Park

If you’re looking to temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of Central London, a trip to Green Park is thoroughly recommended. Separating Piccadilly and Buckingham Palace, Green Park is a big favorite with al fresco diners and Londoner’s looking to simply relax in the sun.

Unlike the other Royal Parks, Green Park has no lakes or buildings and only two monuments (the Canada Memorial and Constance Fund Fountain). The real appeal of this wooded meadow is its natural beauty and serenity.

4) The Regent’s Park

Located in the north-western part of Central London and spanning 410 acres, The Regent’s Park has the biggest concentration of wildlife and plants in London. This park is probably most famous for the ZSL London Zoo; however, there is a lot more to discover before reaching the star attraction.

There are regular shows running from May to September at the Open Air Theatre and stunning rose gardens that just have to be seen. There are also café’s aplenty, a beautiful boating lake to be enjoyed and incredible city views from atop Primrose Hill. Sport fanatic’s will love The Regent’s Park as it is has the largest outdoor sports area, playing host to football, rugby and cricket throughout the year.