London’s Eccentric Art Scene

London’s art scene has always simmered with talent, but in recent years an explosion of street art has taken over the capital. Here are a few of my favorite heavyweights in the London street art scene.

Space Invader

A cutesy hark back to the 80’s is present in many of Space Invader’s works. You can spot many of his retro characters dotted around the capital, made from tiles and affixed to various walls and empty spaces in London.

Keep your eyes peeled as Space Invader’s work can be both big and small…


Stik is a London based street artist that has been creating art for over 10 years in and around Central London. Depicted by his simple stickmen caricatures, Stik is known for his emotive characters on a range of coloured backgrounds.

At one stage Stik lived rough in the city, meaning his vulnerability and sensitivity can be seen in a number of his paintings, adding to his appeal.


Any mention of street art in London could not possibly pass on by without a mention of Banksy, one of the most well-known street artists in the world. Originally based out of Bristol, Banksy was famed for tagging and sketching his way around Central London, leaving his famous stencil artwork for all to see.

The latest installment from the mischievous artist is a satirical take on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, depicting a child making ‘bunting’ flags for the event. For more views of his work around the city, you can attend special Banksy art tours round to see some of his other famous works.


Although originally hailing from Belgium, ROA is an artist known for his large animal paintings, using black spray paint over a simple white background.

Also look out for his rats, otters and birds across London.

Bortusk Leer

For something with a bit of humour, you can’t go wrong with Bortusk Leer’s child like monsters and sketches found all over the city.

What is your favorite street art in London and why?