England’s Top Travel Sites You Don’t Want to Miss

Whether you are planning a family holiday getaway or a weekend adventure with your friends, discover the best places to visit in England. You can spend your vacation in one of England’s busiest cities, historical heritage towns, or enjoy water sports activities in different beautiful beaches in the country.

Exploring Rural England

If you want to spend a relaxing vacation in England, you may want to check out different rural areas in the country. Explore the natural wonders that England has to offer. You can visit the holiday gems in East Anglia —Norfolk and Suffolk. You can also visit the Lake District and Cotswolds’ breathtaking natural beauty. The unspoiled landscapes of the North York Moors and the Yorkshire Dales are the perfect location where you can do hiking activities. West Country offers stunning coastal sceneries, excellent local cider and ancient countryside.

Life in the City

Looking for a night out in the city during your vacation? You can seek out different city breaks, choosing between locations for historical tours, romantic weekends, relaxing spa packages, and night parties. London’s unrivaled atmosphere is best for people who are looking for a place to stay and have fun. Aside from party venues, there are also a lot of poker hubs inside casinos in the city. Travellers who play online games can try joining live Poker tournaments held at The Casino at the Empire or try the infamous Vic casino for cash games. You can win a good amount of money, which you can use as travel money to further your adventures. You can also spend your winnings to watch concerts and theatrical shows that are taking place in the city during your stay or shop in the retro shops located in Manchester.

Historical England

England is known as one of the countries that is rich when it comes to history. Its illustrious past is one reason why many people visit the country. For example, Stratford and Bath is known for its rich literary heritage while Durham and Oxford is where the academic history of England first started. Travellers who fancy great architectural structures can visit Windsor, York or Chester. Going to Canterbury, Lincoln, and Salisbury is like walking down the memory lane because it is where you can see the oldest streets in England.
England’s Beautiful Coastlines and Beaches

The country offers breathtaking sceneries of deserted beaches and coastlines, which are perfect for people who want to spend their holiday by the beach. Discover the best-kept coastal secrets in England while staying at some of the award-winning seaside resorts offered in the country. You can also do different activities such as surfing in Devon, cycling in Blackpool and sailing in Dorset. You can also interact with the friendly community in each destination.