An Alternative Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the top stag destinations in Europe. The city offers gorgeous green parks and canals, wonderful coffee shops and a chilled atmosphere. But let’s face it – lots of men go for their stag party in Amsterdam for the weed and the Red Light District. If that’s not your bag, there are plenty of other more unconventional options which are more cultural, interesting and less sleazy.
An indulgent treatment

If you fancy organizing a really luxurious treat for the stag and his friends, a health resort like Spa Zuiver is the way to go. Set in the middle of the woods on the edge of Amsterdam, it really is the perfect retreat. With a swimming pool, relaxing saunas and revitalizing aroma baths you’re spoilt for choice. Treatments include hammam hot scrubs, massages and tanning sessions. One visitor said “This is not a spa, it is the pure paradise! I have never experienced such a great service and so many facilities. I would say that it is the best spa in whole Netherlands.”

This video, although spoken in Dutch, shows some of the main treatment areas in the spa:

A canal tour

Fancy a tour of the city by boat? On these tours your captain will escort you and fellow crew in open-air, low-sided boats perfect for navigating Amsterdam’s canals. Run by The Saint Nicolaas Boat Club, a group of volunteers, the tours are free, but you’re welcome to make a donation (and we suggest you do!).

Due to licence issues, the canal tours are now running through Mike’s Bike Tours Amsterdam, which is the best place to make bookings. Captains can be found at Mikes Bikes before and after rides, but they ask that you do not phone the office with boat tour-related questions (face to face is best).

A brewery visit

Established in Amsterdam in the mid-1800s, Heineken is now one of the largest beer producers in the world. The former brewery has now been opened up to the public to allow beer fans to have an interactive tour through the history of the infamous drink. With amusement rides, a tour of the historic brew room and a tasting bar, you won’t be disappointed.

Dine with the Dutch

This is a brilliant idea that should be replicated in cities across the UK. It gives you a chance to experience Amsterdam as a local: register on the website and it’ll match you and your mates with a family who will invite you to their home for dinner! Specially selected hosts will cook you a three course meal and regale you with tales about Holland and Dutch culture. This will definitely be a unique experience and it’s a perfect way to find out about all the local haunts you might otherwise miss as a visitor.