Top Restaurants in the UK

There are lots of places to get a bite to eat in London, but where do you go when you’ve had enough of the fast food, crowds, and subpar service that you receive at most dining establishments? It happens all the time and peoples opinions of dining out should be lined with positive experiences, not negative ones. In this article we are going to give you a few places where the food is great, the service is exceptional, and they’re all a little different than what you might be used to in terms of service quality. An experience at these restaurant locales is truly something to behold.

1. Signor Sassi

This is a truly Italian restaurant with everything you aren’t used to but will love anyway. True Italian restaurants are few and far between, with the very best in Old World recipes mostly lost through the ages and replaced. The Signor Sassi is different. Its real Italian food that is prepared by expert chefs. The recipes at the restaurant have been passed down through the owners and they’ve really kept their charm intact.

It was originally opened in 1984 and they’ve had plenty of time to perfect the menu and make it something that’s truly worth taking time out to visit.

The service, atmosphere, and food is said to be a truly mind blowing experience. Patrons love to come here and the price isn’t too bad. At a reasonable cost of £44.00, you will get you a wonderful dinner. Royalty, politicians, and everyone in between have commented highly about this restaurant and its truly something you should experience for yourself. For real Italian food, there really is no better alternative.

2. Petrus

When it comes to staff going above and beyond the call of duty, the Petrus is a fantastic choice. This restaurant does everything it can to make you feel warm and welcome and will fulfill your every request. Some people report visiting the kitchen down the stairs in the restaurant and being pleasantly surprised by what they find.

We chose this restaurant because it scored incredibly well in the ratings section and that’s what people want most. A place that’s not fast food, not an industry chain, but somewhere they can really enjoy a friendly atmosphere and top quality food preparations. 4 1/2 stars out of a 5 star rating is nothing to scoff at. It takes an exceptional level of service and food quality to score this high.

What else can you expect from the Petrus? The cuisine is French and there is a ton of different food to choose from. You may not speak French but you’ll remember the name of the meals because they are so incredibly enticing to the palette.

Its located in Knightsbridge, London and youll be escorted to your table by your own personal waiter. They are excellent at recommending wines to compliment your meal and you can have a chat with the Head Chef or individual chefs, enjoying the ambience of the restaurant and knowing your meals were professionally and personally prepared by some of the most talented cooks in London.

3. Goodman

The wonderful steaks at Goodman are certainly worth a visit.

If you’re looking to entertain clients or have lunch or dinner in large groups, then check out the Goodman. Located on Maddox St. in London, this restaurant has an exclusively British cuisine. Its open Tuesday through Sunday from 12pm to 11pm.

People love the steak here! Its said to be the very best steak you can buy in the whole city of London! They have exceptional Black Angus and USDA steaks that simply melt in your mouth with tenderness. To top the experience off, you can even get a tour of the kitchen by the Head Chef. Prime restaurants almost always have tours available to their patrons to show off their hard work and efforts to produce the finest food you’ve ever tasted.

The creme brulee for desert is actually quite good here as well. It does get very busy at this restaurant but its far from fast food. Its a private restaurant experience that has a lot of patrons. Like we say, its good for large groups but if you want a more private dining experience, consider one of the previously listed options. For steak, this is the place to go in London.