Rain Room Exhibit

Random International used their digital know how to transform the Curve at the Barbican Centre in London into interactive, contemporary art.

What is it?

The Rain Room features a torrential downpour, created by a constant flow of water cascading from the ceiling in a way that looks like rain. A light shines through the raindrops so that the water can be seen and heard clearly, adding to the sensory experience. Whilst many visitors will be used to seeing rain, the exhibition actually allows visitors to walk through the rain – without getting wet.

Movement sensors have been installed in the room to track each visitor as they pick their way through the darkened room. As a person walks towards the water, the sensors pick up on the movement and stop the rain in front of the individual. The result is a feeling of being in an impenetrable bubble during a thunderstorm.

Visitors can either observe the room or enter it. Due to the size of the exhibition there are a maximum number of people allowed into the room at any time. For this reason visitors are advised to go early if they would like to be part of the experience. There are no more admissions to the queue less than two hours before closing time.

When is it on?

The Rain Exhibition is at the Barbican until the 3rd of March, 2013. Opening times are 11am – 8pm throughout the week except for Thursdays where visitors can stay until 10pm.